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Our Mission

Our kid’s ministry exists to love God, love others, and serve people through interactive Bible studies, fun activities, and christlike service in our community!

All of this happens in a secure and safe environment with a trusted team of volunteers who care about your children and their relationship with Jesus.

Interactive Bible Studies

Our team uses Grow Curriculum to provide Biblically founded teaching from Pre-K to 5th grade. We make sure that all major Old Testament stories are touched on every 3 years and all major New Testament stories (with a focus on Jesus!) are touched on every year. This provides a foundational knowledge of who Jesus is and God’s Story for the years to come.

Fun Activities

Of course we want our kids to have fun as well! During our meeting times our kids will participate in AWESOME activities that will help them apply what they are learning in the Bible and connect with other kids. We want to properly equip our kids to know the Word of God in a tangible, fun way alongside allowing them to learn together. We want your kids to beg to come back and hang out with us at church!

Christlike Service

We firmly believe that kids are not just the Church of tomorrow but the Church of TODAY! We provide the opportunity for our kids to get involved in serving our community with the love of Jesus with events they can serve at. We want to empower our kids to become servants of Christ!

It Doesn't Stay At Church

We have parent handouts that are given to each parent when the kids are picked up from church. These handouts allow you to ask questions about what your kid learned in church and help equip you continue the learning throughout the week.