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Our Mission

Our youth ministry exists to prepare/equip teens to love God, love others, and compassionately serve people in our community.

Loving God

We believe that learning who God is involves diving into Scripture which is crucial to our relationship with God! We have a fun, engaging, conversation led Bible study on Wednesday nights during the school year and during these times we sit down with the Bible and we dive into particular Scriptures or topics relating to teenagers (sex, peer-pressure, drugs, alcohol, other religions, atheism, etc.) and talk about what God has to say in these areas.

Loving Others

We believe that God created us to be relational and spend time with others! We aim to create space for teens to simply spend time with each other. There are multiple events throughout the school year and summer that provide a place for our teens to have fun and also invite others! These events will be advertised in advance at youth or during worship services.

Christlike Service

Christ came to serve and love this world and we want to do the same! We provide the opportunity to reach and love on our community (a core aspect of the CCC DNA) through local serve events or by helping people in the community.

Upcoming Events

Check out the events page on the website to see our upcoming events!

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